Daddy´s Task

I woke up today very horny of course and began to prepare for my Daddy’s task.
He gave me the task to find some cocks and get fucked like the dirty little public slut that I am.( thats is way of spolling me, knowing i love being a free public bitch 😛 )

I decided I would put on some sexy lingerie and make my way to my favorite sex spot. When I arrived, I saw a man I had hooked up with in the past and never forgot his big cock, I started a chat with him. The last time we hooked up he had no headset so I asked him if he got one and yes to my surprise he got his headset fixed.

I also got an IM from one of my sexy fuck buddies who is always in the mood to give me his cock. As I was chatting up both guys forming my plans for a gangbang another IM arrived. To my delight this sexy new man really enjoyed my body and he started chatting me up. I asked all three of these well-hung guys if they would make a little slut ever so happy and stuff me with their big delicious cocks. After adding them all to my conference I grabbed my toys in RL and placed myself in the middle of the 4 some pose and ready to be used by all of them at same time . Yummy !!!

My sexy fuck buddie shoved his huge cock straight down my throat with one pump of his hips. The new guy got busy with my already dripping dirty cunt stuffing his huge cock roughly. The 3rd guy let me wrap my tight little hands around his cock and stroke him until he was hard as a rock.

I got voice started and began to slobber all over my sexy fuck buddies big cock while moaning as my dripping cunt was pounded by the new guy. I shoved my dildo down my throat and swallowing every inch like a greedy little whore the saliva running down my chin. All the guys loved hearing me chock and gag on my dildo telling me to shove it harder down my throat.(and thats exactly what i did,love sucking big cocks! :p )

Guy three moved to the front and slide his hard cock down my throat sadly his voice stopped working 😦 but he could still hear me slobbering on his huge cock. The other two sexy men were in my headset calling me a dirty little slut and stroking their cocks for me. I love hearing men moan  for me while I know I’m responsible for them eagerly jacking off their rock-hard cocks.

They began to take turns with all my tight little holes. Making me squirt and cream. My moans filling their headsets and them encouraging me to cum harder and squirt all over their cocks. I switched my dildo to my cunt and plunged it in faster and roughly and let loose with a huge splash of squirt. I started really getting dirty and telling them to fuck me harder abuse me like the dirty little whore I am.

The new guys sexy voice really turned me on as he moaned and called me such a good little whore. He let me hear how fast he was stroking his big hard cock. Now this just puts me over the edge hearing a man jacking off in my ear so of course I immediately creamed even harder. I began even worse dirty talk telling them how I would love to be filled by all their RL cocks at the same time.(tottally would love to be fucked by 3 cocks same time in real life hmmmm)

Of course I’m the same dirty slut in RL as I am in SL ! I was cumming so fucking hard over and over my squirt was dripping off my chair onto the floor making a puddle beneath me. It wasn’t too much longer and the new guy let loose with a huge load of cum and buried it deep in my dirty little cunt. With a huge moan, he let loose and spurted his load in RL moaning and cursing. This sounded so delicious hearing him empty his balls for me. Sadly, his RL called him away but he begged me to please add him as a friend so we could hook up again. Of course, I added him.

Finding a guy whose sexy voice makes me squirt is always a good thing. Grins My sexy fuck buddy decided he wanted to rape my tight little asshole and of course being the little anal pig that I am I opened my big round cheeks and let him stuff his cock deep in my ass. He showed me no mercy and he pumped and stuffed my little tight asshole full of cock. Grabbing my hair and my hip he pounded my poor little asshole until I screamed. He really got into fucking my ass he was stroking his RL cock so hard I could hear him thru the headset. I begged him to fuck me harder and rape my asshole until I couldn’t sit straight. This encouraged him to work even harder at shoving every inch of his huge fucking cock deep in my public ass.

After a few minutes, he unleashed a huge load of cum for me in my ass and in RL all over the desk. Grins I’m sure he had a big mess to clean up.
I thanked all my sexy guys as my Daddy teached me to do, for giving me an amazing fuck & abusing me,first thing on a Monday morning and went off to clean up the huge mess I made!! Hope my Daddy will be happy to know how his public bitch were abused by all this amazing big cocks 😛
Hope he let me repeat it again, and who knows maybe you will be fucking me next 😛 hit me up on SL !! 🙂
Your Slutty Babygirl ♥

Man1 ; Man2 ; Man3

My Morning Routine !

My morning routine includes hunting for cocks to fill my dirty little cunt.
This morning I dressed in a sexy harness and heels and nothing else. I went to the nastiest sex room that I love because I can always find dirty men willing to use and abuse me there. When I arrived, I found my favorite spot, a sturdy velvet chair that has been well used and is already dripping with cum from previous encounters. I sink down into the chair wiggling my round ass on the seat feeling the wet mess coating my skin.

I open my legs to show off my already dripping cunt before I plunge two fingers deep inside. In no time, I get my first message from a sexy man who tells me he is enjoying the view. I smirk at him and speed up my fingers in and out making my cunt drip even more. He cannot help but move closer for a better view. Soon he has opened his zipper and grabs his cock to start stroking it in front of me.

Being the dirty cock hungry whore that I am I ask him if he is willing to get in voice with me. He is totally open to the idea. He moves me to a nearby couch so I can kneel before him and start sucking on his already hard cock. He is in voice telling me that he loves my sexy voice and starts moaning and groaning.

My second message comes in and another man is admiring how my hungry mouth is taking this big cock deep. This man tells me he wants to fuck my ass. I was already working so hard on this man’s cock I didn’t have time to answer him. I shove my dildo in my mouth and start sucking him off. Letting him hear me choke and gag on my dildo. This drives him nuts and he tells me he is stroking harder and faster calling me a dirty little whore and how much he loves abusing my tight little throat.

Soon he asks to fuck my wet cunt. I am already 3 fingers deep in my rl cunt ready to squirt and he starts moaning louder ready to shoot his load deep in my cunt. Telling me to take his huge cock and squirt all over it. Well of course this is all the motivation I need I grab my dildo and plunge it in my already dripping wet cunt. Fucking it in and out harder until I lose it and start squirting. We end up cumming hard together and I tell him thank you!


The second man has been watching and when he gets his chance he tells me he wants to hear me moan for him as he fucks my tight little ass. While we are talking about how he wants to explode in me a third man messages me. He is sorry he missed his chance I tell him no he didn’t if he would like to share he is welcome to stuff his big cock in one of my fuckholes. He is eager to join us. Soon I have 3 men standing over me stroking their cocks while I play with my cunt still dripping from the first encounter of the morning. I get them all in voice and start moaning for them.

Man, number 2 shoves his cock deep in my tight little asshole and pumps it in and out fast and hard grabbing my hair and working on stretching my dirty fuckhole. Man, number 1 who I just drained a few minutes ago slides down in front of me and I open my pretty little lips to start sucking on his cock again. Tasting my dirty cunt juice from before. I lick and clean all of it then let him start ramming it down my throat. Man, number 3 is standing before me stroking his monster cock up and down waiting for his turn.

Man, number 2 finishes off in my ass shooting his thick hot load filling my gaping asshole with it. Of course, my Daddy has been watching me this whole time and he decides to join. Now I have 4 big huge cocks all for me and since I love getting stuffed my cunt is creaming so hard at this point. Man, number 2 decides to leave after he is finished using me as his cumdump. Man, number 1 stands after filling my throat with his sticky hot load of cum and watches me slide my lips over man number 3’s huge cock.

I am in voice with all of them letting them hear how a dirty little whore takes care of three cocks. My Daddy slides down behind me and plunges his cock right in my gaping asshole already filled with the other man’s cum and proceeds to start fucking me hard making my tits bounce and me swallow the man number 3’s cock deep in my throat. I start chocking and gagging on my dildo in their ears and man number 3 grabs my hair and starts pumping his hips fucking my throat. His huge cock is stretching out my lips until I can barely breath.

Daddy’s cock is filling my dirty asshole making me start squirting in rl. As I have my other toy buried deep inside my asshole fucking it in and out as I am sucking on my dildo trying to stuff as many holes as I can. Man, number 3 soon starts cumming and shooting his load deep in my throat letting me swallow every drop of cum. He gets up and Man number 1 decides he wants a third round. He sits in front of me and gives me his cock again and my Daddy’s cock is still buried deep in my ass and I start sucking and licking man number 1 ‘s cock again.

Both are soon abusing my holes hard and fast talking about how I’m such a good little whore and by this point I am losing it over and over squirting on my rl toy deep in my asshole and shoving my other toy deep in my throat being abused by my Daddy and man number 1. Man, number 1 can hear how wet my cunt is and he comments on it, so being the dirty little slut I am I place the mic closer to my cunt and start ramming my dildo in and out hard letting them hear how fucking wet and sloppy my cunt is in rl.

( Small Part of the sexual talk of the Man number 1 and my Daddy )
Daddy: we want to hear how wet that dirty hole is
Man1: now lets us make her squirt on her dildo
Man1: holding her on my dick tears pop into her eyes
Daddy: smack ur clit hard
Daddy: raawrrr
Daddy: again
Man1: dirty lil english public cock slut
Daddy: lets finish her off and violently fuck this public whore
Man1: squirt on daddys dick
Daddy:  both cocks rammed in ur holes just the way u love fucking slut
Daddy: your morning lovely breakfast
Man1: listen how wet her cunt is
Man1: fuckkk
Man1: we should visit her now rl :p
Daddy: hmmm fucking delicious

Man, number 1 cums again and he unleashes a huge load deep in my throat making me choke on his cum. I try to swallow every drop as it fills my mouth. Daddy tells me it is time to go home where he can finish me off. We tell man number 1 goodbye and poof off to home.
I love being abused by men and having all my dirty fuckholes stuffed with cock. Being a dirty little pig and greedy little cumslut is so enjoyable for me.

Knowing I am responsible for all those men shooting their rl loads because of me is a huge turn on.
Stay tuned for the next hunting story of this dirty little babygirl slut
With Love


PS: You may find me at , Nadine`s FUCKBUNKER 😛


Glory hole 3 some

We went to one of our favorite dirty sex places looking for an another guy because I wanted to be filled with at least 2 big hard cocks.  I took a seat in the filthy dirty glory hole dressed in my sexy red heels and my silky red lingerie that Daddy bought me.  i began to IM guys asking them if they wanted to join me in the glory hole. After a few minute a man got in my IM’s

[ 02:13] Man: hot
[02:13] Man: looks like you missing a guy though
[02:13] Man: lol
[02:13] babygirl: wanna join us ?
[02:13] Man: sure
[02:14] Man: if you want
[02:14] babygirl:  do you voice ?
[02:14] Man: I do
[02:14] Man: But i cant do that right now
[02:14] babygirl:  no worries
[02:14] Man: still want my dick ?
[02:14] babygirl:  can you listen ?
[02:14]  Man: yeah
[02:14] babygirl: kinda hard for me to type and cum


Next thing we added him to a conference call and he and my Daddy started fucking my dirty little holes right away Daddy was shoving his big fucking cock straight up my tight fucking asshole with no warning making me whimper and moan while The man was shoving his big fucking cock in my dirty little cunt. What follows is the emoting from my Daddy and the man who helped him abuse this dirty little whore. I was in voice so I’ll enter in what I was doing while they both abused my fuck holes.


 [02:15] Babygirl : hello
 [02:15] Man: hi there
 [02:16] Daddy: hello dirty slut
 [02:16] Daddy: hey
 [02:16] Man: hi there
 [02:17] Daddy: hope your ready to abuse this little whore
 [02:17] Man: oh I am now
 [02:17] Man: she need some more dick huh ?
 [02:17] Daddy: yup big ones
 [02:17] Second Life: You started a voice call
 [02:17] Man: mhmmm
 [02:18] Man: that's better ....
 [02:18] Man: grabbin her legs as i move closer and slide the fat cockhead into her
 [02:18] Babygirl :  answer the call to hear me
 [02:18] Man: looks down at her seeing how the thick shaft follows into her tight hole
 [02:18] Man: ok
 [02:19] Daddy: smacking her nipples, and sliding my hard cock up in her ass
 [02:19] Man: moaning hard as the cock pound her tight hole
 [02:19] Daddy: with my arm wrapped around her fucking neck and squeezing it
 [02:19] Man: yeah
 [02:20] Man: I hear you
 [02:20] Man: probing the tight wet hole with my dick
 [02:20] Daddy: u can play while we fuck you
 [02:20] Man: feeling the other cock thru the thin wall of skin
 [02:21] Man: you dirty lil slut
 [02:21] Daddy: u better be shoving in both of ur holes bitch
 [02:21] Man: you like two cocks in you ...
 [02:21] Daddy: shoving my fingers in ur mouth and violently stretching your tight dirty asshole
 [02:21] Man: my big fat black meat ...pushing up and into you wet swollen cunt ....
 [02:21] Daddy: with my fat cock raping it and pumping it hard
 [02:21] Man: mhmmm
 [02:21] Daddy: so  cocks ramms it harder
 [02:22] Man: i can feel you dick in her
 [02:22] Man: as i pumping her tight hole
 [02:22] Daddy: she loves black meat man
 [02:22] Man: i can feel it
 [02:22] Man: she contracting so good around it
 [02:22] Man: almost milking it
 [02:22] Man: as I ramming her
 [02:22] Man: she so hot
 [02:23] Man: a really good fuck


Meanwhile in RL while on the call,  i was shoving my two toys in my dirty wet sopping cunt and my tight fucking asshole. Stretching them out as my Avatar was being abused with her holes stuffed full of big fucking cock.


 [02:23] Daddy: slap her boob i slap her another one
 [02:23] Daddy: yup..she wants to take 5 cocks in here some day
 [02:23] Man: grabs her nipple and twist it a bit ...pulling it same time
 [02:23] Man: slaps it hard
 [02:23] Daddy: grabbing her hips and pushing her against you
 [02:23] Man: oh yeah give her pussy to my cock
 [02:23] Daddy: fuck that big cock you dirty whore
 [02:23] Man: love feeling her ride it almost

 [02:24] Daddy: want her to ride ur cock in her ass ?
 [02:24] Man: this dirty lil slut gonna cum on the cock I hope
 [02:24] Man: mhmmm
 [02:24] Man: i want her tight hole on the cock ...
 [02:24] Daddy: slut ask u want to ride his black big cock bitch
 [02:24] Man: let me take her ass
 [02:25] Man: mmmmm
 [02:27] Man: im getign her ass now

 [02:27] Daddy: yeah stretch that asshole
 [02:27] Daddy: she deserves it
 [02:27] Man: mhmmm
 [02:27] Man: poking her tight puckering ass
 [02:28] Daddy: suck me fucking whore, shoving it in ur throat
 [02:28] Man: spits on the cockhead and slips it into her ass...
 [02:28] Daddy: u need to see how she sucks cock


In RL I slipped my toy from my wet cunt to plop it into my mouth tasting all of my sweet honey and began gagging on it for the guys. Now I love sucking cock it is amazing to feel a big cock sliding down into your throat making you gag. I did my best to gag on my dildo for these guys turning them on even more. Shoving it as far as I could my in past my full plump lips and down into my wet tight throat.


[02:28] Man: slowly starts to slide the cock in and out in her
[02:28] Man: mhmmm
[02:28] Man: she need to gag on it
[02:29] Man:like a dirty whore
[02:29] Man: yeah
[02:29] Man: take it deep
[02:29] Man: mmmmm
[02:29] Daddy: dont stop fucking ur ass whore

[02:29] Man: thats how to do it
[02:29] Daddy: now spit on my cock and gag again whore
[02:29] Man: mmmmm
[02:30] Daddy: wanna taste his cock too?
[02:30] Man: she fucking my cock so good with that ass
[02:30] Daddy: ask
[02:30] Man: grins as he hear him talk
[02:30] Man: oh yeah

[02:30] Man: suck it ...!
[02:30] Man: fuck me with you dirty mouth
[02:31] Man: moans softly as he feel her wet lips wrap up around the thick member ...
[02:31] Daddy: abuse her
[02:31] Daddy: gonna finish off her fucking asshole
[02:31] Daddy: smacking it hard
[02:32] Man: if i could reach her head ill shove the dick down her tight throat
[02:32] Man: pop the fat cockhead down her nasty lil throat
[02:32] Man: make her gag on it

[02:32] Man: make her choke on it
[02:32] Man: while i fuck her mouth
[02:32] Man: suck on the cockhead ...
[02:33] Daddy: make her damn drool fall
[02:33] Daddy: all over her boobs
[02:33] Daddy: my little slut, spit in ur boobs
[02:33] Man: take it all the way down you throat ....
[02:33] Man: she a lil slut after all

[02:33] Man: a cockhungry whore i see
[02:34] Daddy: yup big cock lover
[02:34] Man: loving dick in all her wet holes i bet
[02:34] Man: suck me !
[02:34] Man: blow my black fat cock you white bitch
[02:34] Daddy: move ur ass back and forth against my cock whore
[02:35] Man: grins hard hearing sloppy sounds coming from her while she sucking the cock
[02:35] Man: just move back and forth

[02:35] Man: fucking my cock with your mouth
[02:36] Man: i wanna stick my cock in her cunt ....
[02:36] Daddy: shove it deep down on ur fucking cunt
[02:36] Daddy: while i keep abusing your ass fucking whore
[02:36] Man: mmmmmm
[02:38] Man: oh yeah
[02:38] Man: right up in your ass
[02:39] Daddy: fuck that

[02:39] Daddy: lets finish this dirty whore
[02:39] Man: mhmmm
[02:39] Man: yeah
[02:39] Man: take it
[02:40] Man: like the whore you are
[02:40] Daddy: now u gonna know the meaning of having beasts fucking and abusing your dirty holes
[02:40] Man: grabs her hips and drives the cock up in her ass
[02:40] Daddy: u are our whore u fucking slut

[02:40] Man: feeling the other dick in her cunt
[02:40] Daddy: grabbing her legs  wide and up
[02:40] Man: moving slowly up and down
[02:40] Daddy: making her watch her fucking cunt being raped
[02:41] Daddy: and pushing her up and down against  big cock
[02:41] Man: letting the thick dick stretch her tight ass while inch by inch going in to her
[02:41] Man: fuck ...
[02:41] Man: do it bitch
[02:41] Daddy: do it u fucking whore
[02:41] Man: want my cum in your ass dont you ?

By now I had been plunging my toys in my asshole and cunt  trying to keep up with both of these big cocks raping my little asshole and  cunt. I started to beg them to finish me and fill my dirty fuckholes with their cum.

[02:41] Daddy: starting to make her cunt being sore
[02:41] Daddy: with so much fuck she had
[02:42] Man: want me to fill that tight hole with cum and cock
[02:42] Man:mmmmm
[02:42] Daddy: want my cum buried in ur fucking hole , dripping off u fucking toy
[02:42] Man: grab my cock with your asshole
[02:42] Daddy: ramming my hard cock in and out violently
[02:42] Man: contract on it

[02:42] Daddy: and slapping her face
[02:43] Daddy: feeling my cock throbbing hard
[02:43] Daddy: as i start to cum instantly
[02:43] Daddy: deep in her dirty cunt
[02:43] Daddy: fukkkkkkkkkkk
[02:43] Man: grunting hard as i feel how the dick being pressed deeper and deeper in ...inch by inch getting buried in her tight asshole

[02:43] Man: fuck
[02:44] Man: do it bitch
[02:44] Man: cum
[02:44] Man: cum all over the cock and my balls
[02:44] Daddy: fuckkk fuckk
[02:44] Daddy: do it , squirt all over our cocks
[02:44] Daddy: you whore

I let loose and squirted all over myself and  on the floor leaving big puddles of sticky fucking cum as I lost it over and over. My cunt contracting on the dildo buried deep inside it and my ass puckering on the other toy buried deep inside it

[02:44] Man: you tell me when its time for my cum to fill that nice little ass hole
[02:45] Daddy: mmhmm not sure if its time yet to give her our warm cum
[02:45] Daddy: what u think
[02:45] Man: grins
[02:45] Daddy: u think she deserves it?
[02:45] Man: i thnk she can take more
[02:45] Daddy: agree !
[02:45] Man: she better cum ...real good before

[02:45] Daddy: sliding out my hard big cock totally out
[02:46] Man: before the bitch deserves any cum
[02:46] Daddy: and ramming it hard and fucking roughly back in her cunt
[02:46] Man: ride that cock now
[02:46] Daddy: we aren't done with you yet u fucking whore
[02:46] Man: no
[02:46] Man: rape that cunt
[02:47] Man: she ass feels so tight and good ...contracting hard each time you ram the dick in her

[02:47] Man: love that feeling
[02:47] Man: mmmm
[02:47] Man: she so wanna cum
[02:47] Man: do it bitch !
[02:48] Man: you have to deserve it bitch
[02:48] Man: slide that white ass down my cock
[02:49] Daddy: u better fucking make us fucking ur holes till they are sore
[02:49] Man: im gonna fill your ass with my warm sticky sperm when you deserve it

[02:49] Daddy: without able to take any more cock for today
[02:49] Daddy: squeezing ur fucking neck hard, making u not breath
[02:49] Man: and make you suck my cock clean after
[02:49] Daddy: ramming it the way i want , and spitting in ur open mouth as fucking whore you are
[02:49] Daddy: swallow it now
[02:49] Man: mmmm
[02:50] Daddy: fucking cumslut
[02:50] Man: love when she gags on it

[02:50] Daddy: smack ur cunt
[02:50] Man: she's good
[02:50] Man: mhmm
[02:50] Man: slap the cunt bitch
[02:50] Man: harder
[02:51] Man:rub that clit while i got my cock up your ass
[02:51] Man:i wanna feel you cum
[02:51] Man: while you ride my cock

At this point, I’m getting weak from cumming over and over on my toys whimpering and moaning as I’m being abused  by both men making me beg them to fill my dirty fuckholes with their cum.

[02:51] Daddy: thats why shes my babygirl !
[02:51] Man: she good
[02:51] Man: your a lucky guy
[02:51] Daddy: squirt for him fucking bitch
[02:51] Man: mmmm
[02:52] Daddy: ty , and now ur lucky to making her take ya cock
[02:52] Man: she a hot bitch
[02:52] Daddy: so let's give her a hard fuck lesson

[02:52] Man: I'm happy you let me
[02:52] Daddy: and pump our big hard cocks at same time and rhythm
[02:52] Daddy: inside her
[02:52] Man: stretch this bitch hole
[02:52] Daddy: let's stretch it harder and fucking fast
[02:53] Man: grabbing her hips in a firm grip and help her move to his cock and ride mine same time
[02:53] Daddy: fuck yeah...scream for us
[02:53] Daddy: yanking her hair making her look
[02:53] Daddy: to her fucking raped cunt

[02:53] Man: sit all the way down on the cock
[02:53] Daddy: sit as a hungry cock slut
[02:53] Man: let the whole thick length into you
[02:54] Man: balls deep
[02:54] Man: i can feel it
[02:54] Man: how your cunt making a mess on the balls
[02:54] Man: dripping down ..
[02:54] Man: while he fucks your cunt

[02:54] Man: mmmm
[02:54] Daddy:Ii think now she deserves being fucked and having a nice pair of warm cum
[02:55] Man: making a mess on the floor
[02:55] Man: oh yeah
[02:55] Man: just tell me when to shot my hot sticky load up her ass
[02:55] Daddy: fucking your tight sore fuckhole
[02:55] Man :i will fill her
[02:55] Man: make it leak sperm when she stands up

[02:56] Man: from her tight asshole
[02:56] Daddy: and giving green light to  fill her fucking dirty asshole
[02:56] Daddy: as i start filling up her nasty cunt with mine and ramming my cock hard hitting her G spot
[02:56] Daddy: take it you fucking whore
[02:56] Daddy: u better save it in ur holes to taste it
[02:56] Man: grunts hard and stoves the dick deep in ...feeling how the orgasm hits him...sperm starts squirting out from the lil slit in the cockhead
[02:57] Man: thick ropes of cum jets out in to her
[02:57] Man: filling her tight hole to the brim
[02:57] Man: slowly starts to move to dick in and out
[02:57] Daddy: moving mines in and out releasing the last drops inside her
[02:57] Man: feeling how the cum gets pooched out from her stretched hole
[02:57] Man: mmmmm


They finally let me have their cum and being the nasty cumslut that i am i completely lost it and  had a huge  fucking orgasm squirting and contracting my cunt and asshole on my toys  moaning loudly while my legs were shaking and I lost my breath .


[02:58] Daddy: telling her to squeeze her cunt and keep mine in there
[02:58] Man: feels so good
[02:58] Daddy: to drink it later with his
[02:58] Man: fuck
[02:58] Daddy: this was a good fuck mmhmm
[02:58] Man: she a greedy cunt
[02:58] Man: wanting all that cock and cum in her
[02:58] Daddy: ho she is :) her alimentation is based in cum

[02:59] Man: grins hard and push the dick in and just sits with it buried in her
[02:59] Man: relaxing as the last drops on sperm leaks out in her ....and the cock still throbs in her
[03:00] Man: just feeling her around the cock
[03:00] Babygirl :  mmmm thank you for such a good fuck
[03:00] Man: fuck that was hot
[03:00] Man: too bad i could not voice
[03:00] Daddy: next time maybe
[03:01] Man: yeah

[03:01] Man: i will
[03:01] Daddy: one thing
[03:01] Daddy: would ya mind if we publish a story about this fuck?
[03:01] Man: its ok
[03:01] Man:I  dont mind
[03:01] Man: you guys are hot
[03:02] Man: coool
[03:02] Man: it was fun

[03:02] Man: and exciting
[03:03] Man:l oved it
[03:03] Daddy: we too
[03:03] Man: you both look hot too
[03:03] Babygirl :  glad you did me too love being filled by big cocks
[03:03] Daddy: trust me, it hard as fuck finding a guy that will join a 3some
[03:03] Man: lol
[03:03] Daddy: can u believe that shit

[03:03] Man: oh
[03:03] Man: yeah
[03:03] Man: i know
[03:03] Man: but im fine with that
[03:03] Daddy: in future if u want we might repeat this or even just u and her
[03:04] Daddy: while i watch
[03:04] Man: sure
[03:04] Man: anytime

[03:04] Daddy: thanks man
[03:04] Man: im not on that much though
[03:04] Man: but i be glad to help you guys out
[03:04] Man: lol
[03:04] Daddy: is fine man
[03:04] Daddy: when needs to happen it will
[03:04] Daddy: ahahah
[03:04] Daddy: hi5

[03:04] Man: lol
[03:04] Babygirl :  thanks =)
[03:04] Man: yw
[03:05] Daddy: thanks for what babygirl
[03:05] Daddy: say it correctly
[03:05] Babygirl :  thank you for filling my dirty little fuckholes
[03:05] Man: hehe
[03:05] Man: was my pleasure to be honest

[03:05] Daddy: good girl
[03:05] Man: lol
[03:05] Daddy: well i think was pleasure for all
[03:05] Daddy: :)
[03:05] Daddy: we are going now
[03:05] Daddy: nice to meet ya

[03:05] Man: ok
[03:06] Man: let me stand up
[03:06] Daddy: till another day
[03:06] Man: yeah
[03:06] Man: see you guys
[03:06] Babygirl :  see you


This was a lucky pickup that ended up making me really enjoy getting abused by both my Daddy and the Strange man we picked up.
It’s really not often that we get so lucky and have a dirty fucking session like this.

Thanks to my stranger who just happened to peek in my naughty box and end up giving me a huge surprise winks.

Looking forward to round two. Hope your still thinking of this dirty little cumslut .. grins!

With Love

Babygirl - Private Affair

Pervert Bastard

A trip to one of the dirtier sex rooms proved to be an exploration to be remembered!
Daddy left me there to log off and as i looked around the room alone as i spied a dangerous looking man. He was dressed all in leather from his jacket to his boots. He looked mean and powerful.

Being the dirty little slut that i am i got in his IM box and began trying to see if he really was as dangerous as he looked. From the first lines of conversation i could see he was a man of particular tastes. He asked me to dress in latex and have pigtails along with glasses (something that i had never done before but somehow was making my little pussy tickling already) .

He also told me i could expect to be abused in the dirtiest ways (that was exactly what i was looking for ) .
After i agreed to get into his particular taste  for him (was already feeling he was taking control of me whitout even touching me…yet ) .

He then took me to a dirty nasty bathroom scene. The first thing he did was grab my hair and drag me over to the toilet and shoving my face almost in the toilet he spited on my face,  unzipped his pants, pissed all over my face and tits ( by then i know i was in big slutty troubles lol ) . As he was pissing on me he stomped his foot covered in a big leather boot right on my dripping cunt ( making me wimper in pain and feeling helpless ).

He made me open my mouth and drink his warm salty piss. He then rubbed his nasty soaking piss covered cock all over my face. i was made to kneel before him and clean his big cock before he then grabbed my head and drilled his big hard cock deep into my tight throat. i could not even breath with his big cock shoved down my tight throat. As i gagged and gasped for air, my warm drool started dripping from my lips and all over my curvy tits, feeling it runing over my hard nipples !

The next thing i knew he had grabbed me by my hair and lifted me up violently so he could start shoving his big nasty cock deep in my already dripping little dirty cunt. He relentlessly pounded away at my tight little cunt making me squirt and gush all over his big hard cock and screaming between moans for someone to help me, but noone came in my rescue. 

Grabbing my neck hard, he started choking me as he slammed into my dripping abused cunt. Without warning he then released his hard cock from my dripping little cunt and slammed it deep in my tight asshole and began cruelly raping my ass ramming his hard cock back and forth roughly ,stretching my tight asshole as he wanted. He scratched his nails over my already sore dirty cunt and growled in my ear that he should take me and make me his rape whore for the rest of the week.

It wasn’t long before he released a gush of hot sticky delicious cum in my now gaping fucked asshole. Pulling me back to my knees he made me clean his cock covered in the juices from my cunt and my asshole, making sure i would be a good little whore and lick from top to bottom and suck hard the last drops of his hot delicious cum that i wanted so much !

With a grunt and a quick “you made me cum hard bitch” the perverted bastard left me there on that dirty bathroom floor, used  and abused wimpering and shivering,  covered in piss and with his cum still dripping from my tight raped asshole !

( waiting in the future when he comes to abuse me again this little babygirl slut 😛 )

With Love

Private Affair


Orgasmic Meditation

Looking for a sexual awakening? For those open to trying the latest new-age craze, orgasmic meditation may be just for you. OM, as it’s called among its followers, is a holistic practice between two people where a woman has her clitoris gently stroked for 15 minutes in a non-sexual way by a partner with a goal to building connections and prolonging therapeutic orgasms.

What do you all think about this practice ? Sounds hot to have your clit stroked in public in front of a group of people. Not sure about the non-sexual way as any time my clit is stroked there is definitely sex involved. Giggles


With Love
Private Affair


Unspeakable crime…

I was out hunting and came across a man whose profile interested me as in that he really wanted someone to be his “partner in unspeakable crimes”.  He was a big tall man who I barely came up to his bellybutton. Of course that’s a kicker for me I love anything to do with being bad! Sadly when I im’d him he was afk , but the next day he hit me up and we made a plan to meet. He tp’d me to his house and then after a few minutes crashed. I being the nosy little bish that I am went in his house and started looking around. MMMM this man had it all hooked up no expense spared.

All of his furniture was the top of the line from the best stores. I was really impressed by the décor and furnishings. After I had been poking around his house for a few minutes he returned catching me inside. I was busted in the man’s house. He was cool and didn’t seem to mind that I had just walked into his home.  With a quick little conversation that he didn’t have too much time and had to work in the morning we got right down to the reason I was there. He lost his pants and flopped out in front of me a very impressive sized cock.

He asked me if I was hungry and of course your girl is always hungry. He then beckoned me over to a luxury recliner and leaned back lighting a blunt. I slipped my knees feeling my cunt already start dripping in anticipation of this man’s huge cock being anywhere inside me in the next few minutes. Watching him suck on that blunt and blow smoke at me I debated either taking a hit of the blunt or just wrapping my lips around the tip of his cock. Well it didn’t take me long to decide I had to lean I and take a taste of that huge cock standing up at attention for me.

I opened my sweet pink lips and did my best to swallow that monster cock. I could hardly fit it in my mouth let alone down my throat very far. The man seemed to really love the effort I was making though. I took the blunt from him and took a few hits then got right back to work on that cock doing my best to make it all nice and wet. Long licks like a lollypop from the bottom to the top and slobbering all over those huge balls as I took my time in giving this man the best blowjob he has probably ever had. After a few minutes of me trying to swallow this huge cock he asked to see my pretty little pink asshole. Well to be a good little whore of course I let him take off my clothes.

Arching my back and lifting my ass in the air I made it pucker so he could see what he was in store for in just a few minutes. Since things were getting pretty hot and horny at this point I asked him if we could get in voice. He was all for it and we got voice working. I then started gagging on my toy for him really making a lot of sucking noises and letting my spit drool over the toy and down on my tits. From the loud sexy growling I heard on his end I would say his real cock was just as hard as his cock in SecondLife. I continued to choke myself on my toy enjoying hearing his voice cussing and encouraging me to go deeper and gag harder. After a few minutes he needed to be inside my ass so with a quick flip this man’s cock was buried inside my dirty little asshole.

He started pounding that cock deep in my tight asshole not showing me any mercy as he stretched out my ass. One long stroke after the other pushing it as far in as he could. My poor little asshole was not in any shape to resist with this man cock so deep inside and wrecking it as hard as he could.  From the sounds in my ear this man was ready to pop at any time. He was loud and dirty calling me a whore and drilling my tight ass at the same time. I was moaning and telling him to fuck my ass and not show me any mercy. Telling him I’m a dirty little cum slut who enjoys men’s cock filling all my fuckholes. Things got even hotter as he speed up his movements fucking me now even harder making my tits bounce as he rammed that cock deep in my asshole, his balls smacking my ass cheeks.

Not too much time passed and he came deep in my tight ass with a sexy yell and filled my dirty tight asshole with his big load of cum. Being the absolute fucking anal whore that I am once he filed my asshole my own cunt started to cum and squirt soaking his cock and his belly.  After catching our breath, we agreed that we would definitely be hooking up again in the future to plan some “unspeakable crimes”.

With Love 
Private Affair


Our Unicorn

Daddy Found a girl for us on a photo site. He was looking through the pictures there and commented on a sexy girl with dark hair. I love girls so when he told me we would be hooking up I was excited to meet her. We all met at a free sex place and right away I could see she was very curvy and sexy. She immediately began flirting with me lightly slapping my ass and smiling at me. I felt like this girl would be an awesome addition to our explorations. Of course I also started flirting with her right away. Below we have the encounter and it was hot really did enjoy spending time with this girl. I think we might have found a unicorn. Would have loved to spend time with her in voice if possible but that’s the only downside to the whole session. She’s a beauty inside and out and so so sexy as you will see.

[13:11] (Daddy) : Babygirl was invited to the conversation.
[13:11] (Babygirl) : hello =)
[13:11] (Girl) : waves and smiles
[13:11] (Girl) : Hey hey 🙂
[13:12] (Daddy) : babygirl this is Girl, Girl this is Babygirl
[13:12] (Girl) : Nice to meet you Babygirl*smiles softly

[13:13] (Babygirl) : nice to meet you as well Girl ..smiles
[13:14] (Girl) : smiles softly back
[13:15] (Girl) : slaps Babygirl butt lightly pithing her tongue to Daddy
[13:15] (Girl) : So Harness will be the ” theme”
[13:16] (Babygirl) : grins as I feel Girl’s slap on my pert round ass. moans
[13:16] (Daddy) : giggles and squeezes Girl cute ass yes it is and kisses babygirl
[13:16] (Babygirl) : mhmmm do you have a harness sweetie?
[13:17] (Girl) : give me a sec am searching on the chaos that is my inventory*purrs feeling your squeeze
[13:18] (Babygirl) : glances over and takes in Girl’s full round curves bites my bottom lip and reaches out to run my fingers over her silky skin. ” mmhmm take your time sweetie”
[13:20] (Girl) : shivers and drags a nail along Babygirl spine really softly letting slide between her ass cheeks as she shivers feeling Daddy’s fingers
[13:20] (Girl) : yes think I found something
[13:22] (Daddy) : hmmm rubs Girls back, and smacks her ass firmly
[13:22] (Babygirl) : smiles as I look over and see the leather harness showing off even more of the soft round curves Girl has… licks my lips and leans over to nibble on her bottom lip. tasting her and moaning into her mouth
[13:22] (Daddy) : while my other hand slides over Babygirl breasts
[13:22] (Daddy) : wondering if Girl will get in voice with us
[13:23] (Girl) :  moans feeling the slap ” sorry folks but don’t have mic, I know is the worst sin in SL
[13:25] (Daddy) : nothing to sorry about, little girl grabbing you tight against me so I can feel your nice boobs over my chest making u watch kissing Babygirl
[13:26] (Babygirl) : grins its ok I’m going to be taking some pictures so if you two want to emote a bit ill join you here and there
[13:26] (Girl) : nibbles her lower lip observing the scene as she drags her claws lightly along his sex
[13:27] (Girl) : pinches lightly Babygirl’s nipples ” Hay hay “points her tongue out
[13:27] (Daddy) : smiles turning my head to Girl, and tasting her lower lip before, letting my tongue catching hers
[13:28] (Daddy) : and twirls it, while 1 of my fingers, slides between her ass cheeks
[13:28] (Girl) : purrs swirling her tongue on yours sticking her butt out to feel better your finger tease her skin
[13:31] (Girl) : breaks the kiss nibbling your lower lip and kisses your chest nibbling your right nipple lightly
[13:31] (Daddy) : climbing my fingers up to your back and grabbing your hair, as I push it back a little bit and bite your neck making u climb over me
[13:32] (Daddy) : as I stand up nicely and letting u both on your knees, in front of me and to have a nice taste of the toy that is waiting to use each hole of yours
[13:33] (Girl) : caress Babygirl’s butt with one hand as she starts licking your balls gently sniffing your scent
[13:34] (Babygirl) : opens my pink lips and flicks my long pink tongue out to taste my Daddy’s cock already wet with Girl’s spit. rolling my tongue over it and sucking just the tip hard
[13:34] (Daddy) : caressing both of your faces, and sliding the hair back to the ear´s, and wiggling my cock wondering who would place it hungrily in the mouth
[13:35] (Girl) : smiles keeping to work the balls letting Babygirl take care of the cock vibing her tongue on them as she squeezes her butt
[13:36] (Babygirl) : wiggles my ass feeling Girl’s warm hand on my round ass. reaches over and swirls my fingers over Girl’s nipple pinching it and feeling it harden in my fingers….
[13:36] (Daddy) : grabbing Girls hair and making her place her lips on my balls as i smile towards both and teases both nice curvy boobs
[13:37] (Girl) : shivers and moans feeling her nipples react at Babygirl’s touch and gives a nice firm slap on her butt sucking alternately his balls
[13:38] (Babygirl) : sucking harder now on my Daddy’s cock deep throating his cock now gagging on it .. then grabbing Girls hair and pushing my tongue into her mouth and sucking on her tongue
[13:38] (Babygirl) :  … mmm sweetie My Daddy loves dirty fucking whores can you be that for him today?
[13:39] (Girl) : grins swirling her tongue eagerly on Babygirl’s” ooh dont worry”
[13:40] (Babygirl) : grins I’m so happy to hear you say that .. reaches my fingers down and plunges them in your already dripping dirty fuckhole quickly pushing them in and out seeing how tight it is
[13:40] (Girl) : takes his cock on her mouth and starts swirling it eagerly along the shaft taking his cock inch by inch deeper down her mouth breathing deeply throw her nose
[13:41] (Girl) : moans as you tease her asshole and does the same to you sliding 2 fingers deeper inch by inch on yours swirling them all over lightly opening to spread your little hole
[13:41] (Babygirl) : curling my fingers and wiggling them as I find your gspot trying to make you squirt on my hand … grinning up at My Daddy watching you suck deeper. that’s right Girl take his big fucking cock all the way down your tight throat and gag
[13:41] (Daddy) : smiling and grabbing Girls head and starting to move my hips back and forth, as far feeling my cock growing inside her mouth, forcing it to hit her throat so I can hear her sweet noise of gagging as I make her look at me
[13:42] (Girl) : moans and shivers as the cocks tarts hitting her throat and gags making slurping sounds as she curls her fingers deeply on Babygirl asshole
[13:43] (Girl) : starts licking Babygirl’s clit vibbing her tongue just on the entry before sliding her tongue towards her asshole teasing it with her tongue
[13:44] (Babygirl) : sliding to my back and opening my legs as I lower my head to my Daddy’s cock pressing all the way down and deep throating him with one movement gagging and feeling my spit drip out of my mouth and all down my tits.. feeling Girls fingers in my ass making me moan loud on my Daddy’s cock wiggling my hips trying to get those fingers deeper inside me
[13:45] (Daddy) : this time getting ahold of Babygirl head, and abusing her tight mouth and making her taste Girls saliva over my cock will I ram it in and out in Babygirl mouth down her fucking throat and smacks her ass before I push Girls head down in her pussy to suck it as good little slut
[13:46] (Girl) : slides her tongue eagerly on her pussy and swirls it eagerly rubbing her dripping cunt eagerly as shes tarts pumping the 2 fingers hard deeply on her asshole
[13:51] (Babygirl) : Gagging on my Daddy’s cock so hard that I feel my pussy start to clamp down and looses it squirting my honey all over Girl’s face. moaning on my Daddy’s cock as I cum
[13:51] (Daddy) : grabbing Babygirl hair pulling it out and calling Girls to kiss her for a few, and shove Babygirl mouth back where it should be gagged in my cock without being able to breath, little whore suck your Daddy’s big cock as you did this morning
[13:51] (Daddy) : while I smack Girls ass hard leaving a handprint, and looking how good she sucks and plays with Babygirl clit
[13:52] (Girl) : licks her lips and presses her mouth more firmly on Babygirl pussy after kissing her and sucks her more eagerly spreading the 2 fingers wide on her asshole and grins
[13:52] (Girl) : moans feeling the slap and bites Babygirl’s clit lightly feeling the slap
[13:54] (Girl) : moans sitting on his face rubbing her dripping cunt on his face as she leans forward and sucks eagerly Babygirl nipples pulling them with her teeth from time to time
[13:55] (Babygirl) : slides over my Daddy big hard cock and lowers my dirty fuckhole to it in one motion ..starts riding up and down as I reach out and pinch Girl’s nipples helping her grind her dirty fucking cunt on my Daddys face… mmmm fuck his face and give him all your honey
[13:56] (Girl) : grins feeling the pinches and rides faster pressing more firmly her dripping cunt on Babygirl daddy face giving a playful slap on her tits
[13:58] (Babygirl) : …mmmm oh yes slap my tits I love that… leans over and kisses Girl hungrily biting on her lips and shoving my pink tongue in her mouth wrapping my hands around her shoulders and shoving her down even farther….
[13:58] (Daddy) : come Girl, litle cunt, as I feel her climbing over my face and pressing her little fuckhole on my mouth as I stick my tongue out and flicks her little clit and for instance slide my entire tongue over her pussy lips to taste her sweet honey as i grab her ass and spread her ass cheeks and slide my tongue inside her fuckhole deep down
[13:59] (Babygirl) : ride his face don’t let up cummm all over his mouth and make him drink your honey
[13:59] (Girl) : moans feeling the lusty kiss of Babygirl and suddenly cums as her Daddy shoves his tongue on her asshole squirting hard ” Fuckkkk yess
[14:00] (Daddy) : as I start moving my hips harder against babygirl cunt, and feeling her squirt dripping over my pelvis as I push her more down and smacks her fucking ass, ride me slut
[14:00] (Girl) : squirms tighten her thighs on his head and rides him faster slapping Babygirl tits faster up and down caging her nipples and squeezing them hard as she pulls them forward
[14:01] (Babygirl) : starts riding harder up and down faster on my Daddy’s hard cock milking it with my tight pussy walls trying to get him to empty his balls and fill my fuckhole with all of his hot sticky cum
[14:02] (Girl) : what a hungry little slut you are Babygirl*grins wetting her daddy with her juices moving her hips back and forth as she kisses her lustily squeezing her clit as she rides him
[14:03] (Daddy) : sliding my tongue for moments out so I can lick my lips and suck Girls squirt and how fucking delicious it is…spits on her tight asshole as I rub with my thumb and presses it in, as I suck her clit hard
[14:04] (Girl) :  moans and shivers feeling her sensitive spots teased and her legs tremble she leans forward and sucks Babygirl tits giving gentle nibbles on her bouncing tits
[14:04] (Daddy) : smiling as I whisper…my little slut share your Daddy’s cock with Girl I bet she wants a taste of it in her cunt
[14:04] (Babygirl) : moans feeling Girls fingers on my clit riding harder. feeling my pussy clamp down on my Daddy’s cock as I squirt all over it again. mmm yes I am a hungry little slut I love cum. kisses Girl back
[14:06] (Girl) : grins kissing Babygirl back pulling her fingers from her clit and shoves them on Babygirl mouth and sits on his lap taking his cock fully up her cunt.
[14:06] (Girl) : grins moaning and starts ridding his cock eagerly twisting it deeply inside her clenching her cunt around it
[14:07] (Daddy) : hmmm smiling as I feel her tight slutty pussy sitting over my hard cock and grabs her hips and pushes her up and down roughly as I let my babygirl feel my tongue in her pussy lips before i spit on her clit and catches it back with a nice long lick in her fuck hole, before I feel her shoving her cunt in my tongue forcing my tongue to start fucking her
[14:08] (Babygirl) : switches places with Girl so she can get filled by my Daddy’s big hard cock. wrapping my arms around her neck and leaning in to help push her down harder making her bounce on my Daddy’s cock ..sucking Girls fingers tasting my honey all over her fingers… plopping them out of my mouth and kissing Girl and twirling my tongue through hers letting her taste my cum.. feeling my Daddy’s tongue licking my pussy and clit I wiggle even more on his face
[14:08] (Girl) : grins and moves her hips up and down almost taking his cock out to just impale herself hard on it twisting his hard cock feeling it rub all her sensitive spots as she drips hard
[14:10] (Girl) : leans forward to squeeze even more his cock inside her panting excited as she squeezes roughly Babygirl tits as she cunt spasm really hard ” Fuckkk soo good
[14:10] (Babygirl) : moves Girls hair to the side and starts nibbling on her earlobe ..whispering in her ear.. Omg your such a good little fucking slut. taking his cock so deep I your dirty cunt. Squeeze your wallas tight and try to make him cum
[14:11] (Girl) : grins hearing her words and kisses her lustily roughly as she slows her pace twisting his cock back and forth with rough movements as she moves a hand back and squeezes lightly his balls
[14:11] (Babygirl) : grins as I hear Girl moaning and runs my fingers down her back softly scratching till I get to her ass then smacking it hard making it sting. Take it slut … don’t stop riding his cock … and cummmmmmmm
[14:12] (Daddy) : moving my hips in small circles while Girls is ridding me so fucking good, filling her tight fuckhole being stretched I make babygirl pay for it and smacks her ass hard leaving my handprint in both ass cheeks before I abuse her tight asshole too and fill her both holes, ride your daddy roughly u fucking slut
[14:13] (Girl) : pants and gives a light twist as she restarts ridding his cock like a lustful animal clenching and releasing her cunt on his cock
[14:14] (Babygirl) : grins as I feel my Daddy smack my ass. but Daddy’s she’s such a good slut I had to smack that ass look at it it’s so round and sexy and needing a smack… wiggles harder as I feel my tight asshole invaded by my Daddy’s tongue. Starts grinding harder now really working my clit on his lips… mmm Daddy’s ready for your babygirl to feed you my honey
[14:16] (Girl) : grins hearing the talk and nibbles Babygirl nipples squeezing her Daddy’s balls giving them a few twists feeling close to cum gain her cunt spasming hard over and over
[14:19] (Daddy) : smiling and shoving deep my tongue in Babygirl tight asshole while she rubs her wet fuckhole in my chin and placing one of my hands over Babygirl clit and rubbing it
[14:19] (Daddy) : as I restart moving my hips up and down against Girls slutty cunt, making her take it all every time she rides down, hitting her gspot and fucking her roughly
[14:20] (Girl) : looks to Babygirl and grins slapping her Daddy’s balls now harder quicker at the same rhythm she rides him panting hard and moans cumming agains squirting and squeezing his cock hard as she cumss “ooohh fuckkk
[14:21] (Babygirl) : losing it feeling my Daddy’s fingers on my clit and squirting my sweet honey all over his face … YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS take it all Daddyyyyyyy
[14:23] (Girl) : smiles lustily shivering moving a finger along her slippery cunt and places her fingers closer to Babygirl kissing her letting her taste her own dripping juices
[14:23] (Daddy) : hmmmmm fuck it give it to me ma little sluts, smacking your big ass hard again babygirl as I feel Girls squirting over my hard cock again as I try to catch up your sweet honey with my tongue as I thirsty suck it in my mouth
[14:23] (Daddy) : and placing one of my hands over Girls boobs and squeezes it hard
[14:24] (Babygirl) : mmmm licks girl’s lips tasting her sweet cum places her own fingers down and plunges one into girls waiting mouth so she can taste my honey
[14:24] (Babygirl) : I think it’s time we got to taste your cum Daddy?
[14:25] (Girl) : grins and sucks Babygirl fingers and nods
[14:25] (Babygirl): smirks at Girl we have been good little sluts yes?
[14:25] (Girl) : yup yup, not good Babygirl
[14:25] (Girl) : the best
[14:25] (Babygirl) : please Daddy feed us your thick hot cum we need it
[14:25] (Girl) : *giggles and kisses her
[14:25] (Babygirl) : giggles and kisses Girl back
[14:25] (Babygirl) : we are so hungry Daddy
[14:25] (Girl) : Babygirl Daddy please*makes puppy eyes as she squeezes roughly her clit scratching it lightly
[14:26] (Babygirl) : leans in and starts sucking on Girls nipple … mmm so sexy I love your pink little nipples
[14:26] (Daddy) : smiling to both of you
[14:26] (Babygirl) : sucks harder and more hungry
[14:27] (Babygirl) : mhmmm puppy dog eyes
[14:27] (Babygirl) : please daddy give us your cummmmmmmm
[14:27] (Daddy) : mmhmm bend over little slut for your Daddy and let me stretch your tight fuckhole for a few moments and taste what your Daddy did on Girls cunt
[14:27] (Daddy) : smacking ur ass hard
[14:28] (Babygirl) : leans down and starts running my tongue up and down Girls already sloppy cunt
[14:28] (Girl) : holds Babygirl head firmly against her dripping cunt and shivers smiling naughty at Daddy
[14:28] (Girl) : Fuck Babygirl I love your cute little tongue*shivers swirling her hips on her face
[14:29] (Babygirl) : sucking hard on her clit and biting it lightly as I push two fingers inside to fuck her cunt roughly
[14:30] (Daddy) : ramming hard deep into babygirls cunt and moaning as I smile towards Girl
[14:30] (Girl) : shivers hard closing her legs around Babygirl chocking her lightly agasint her dripping hole ” ooohh fucklkkk I will cum again if you keep like that
[14:30] (Babygirl) : covering my mouth over Girls clit and sucking it into my mouth so I can swirl my tongue over it… continuing to plunge my fingers in to her sloppy pussy
[14:30] (Daddy) : and letting u both I’m about to fucking cum as I feel my cock starting to throb
[14:30] (Daddy) : smacking her nice ass more fucking harder
[14:30] (Daddy) : as then I take out my hard cock and stroke it in front of you both
[14:30] (Babygirl) : mmm pressing my ass back feeling my Daddy big fucking cock swell in my dirty fuckhole
[14:31] (Babygirl) : yesssssssss
[14:32] (Babygirl) : quickly lays down opening my mouth and looking over at Girl are you ready
[14:32] (Girl) : grins and lays besides Babygirl
[14:32] (Daddy) : fuckkkk
[14:32] (Daddy) : shooting my cum as I moan
[14:32] (Girl) : more than ready sweetie*giggles
[14:32] (Daddy) : and stroking my cock hard
[14:32] (Girl) opens her mouth ready for her drink
[14:33] (Daddy) : making sure the 2 of you get a taste of it while i look at u both so gorgeous to be feeeded
[14:34] (Girl) : purrs as she is feed rubbing Babygirl cunt while her Daddy feed the 2 little sluts
[14:34] (Daddy) : shooting it to Babygirl mouth in her tongue as the first drops Girls catches it right in her mouth
[14:34] (Babygirl) : opens wide my mouth and feels the hot spurts of my Daddy’s cum shooting all over my face
[14:34] (Daddy) : pressing my cock up and down hard, letting the last droops fall in Babygirl mouth
[14:34] (Babygirl) : opening wider trying to get every drop that is aimed at my tongue
[14:35] (Girl) : smiles as the last drops come out and kisses Babygirl lustily swirling her tongue on her hers to taste the sweet milk
[14:35] (Babygirl) : smiling at girl as I lean over and kiss her sharing my Daddy’s cum with her in a sloppy kiss
[14:35] (Babygirl) : sucking on her tongue and moaning into her mouth.
[14:36] (Babygirl) : Grinning at my Daddy and saying ..thank you Daddy
[14:36] (Girl) : smiles and slaps Babygirl’s drenched cunt and giggles ” thank you thank you both 🙂
[14:36] (Daddy) : smiles and my pleasure your welcome little slut
[14:36] (Daddy) : giving a nice kiss in both mouths, thank you Girl while i bite her lower lip
[14:36] (Babygirl) : Thank you Girl giggles and slap her cunt as well =)
[14:37] (Girl) : giggles and lays back dragging a claw along his muscles
[14:38] (Daddy) : grinds as shivers, patting her nice ass
[14:38] (Daddy) : both were good girl’s ma little sluts.

Collage ffm

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